Resting Place

The gentle breeze makes the heat from the sun perfectly enjoyable. Watching the waves make their way to the shore, I notice some are small ripples and others are giant cresting waves that you would definitely have to jump up to get over or, perhaps, ride in on a board. Regardless of size, each one makes its way to shore, carrying pieces of whatever its picked up in its path. Seaweed. Shells. Sand. Trash. Some deposited and left on the beach. Some float back out and are picked up by the ebb of the tide to return to the ocean. Maybe to show up on some other shore. A reminder that we’re all on a journey. Some make a huge splash while others roll in slowly. Quietly. Each of us bringing things with us that we’ve picked up along the way – both good and bad. Destined for the shore. Eventually we all arrive at our destination. Carried, at least part of the way, by others’ waves. And carrying some along in our wave as well.

I smell the faint scent of coconut oil from sunscreen and a hint of peanut butter from the sandwiches a nearby group of moms are doling out to their kids. The air is fresh with a slight hint of saltiness in it.  I hear the giggles of happy kids playing in the sand and seagulls flying nearby. The occasional boat motoring by just off shore. And music playing from someone’s radio in the distance.

This…is what peace is for me. Where I find quiet rest for my soul. I know the whole world is still rolling in like those giant waves. But today, for me, I feel like a tiny little ripple just taking its time washing up over the cool, wet sand. Unwinding. Thinking. Meditating. Marveling at God’s incredible handiwork. And thankful for moments of rest like these.

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.”

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