March 4, 1991 changed the direction of my life…I went from singing on stage – on television and around the United States – to behind a microphone in a radio studio. That day I said yes to radio…and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made. Just a girl from Magnolia, Delaware who loves music, coffee, lipstick, making friends & Jesus. Not necessarily in that order!

That and more is what comes out in my writing. If you’re contemplating following my journey through this blog I promise to keep them relatively short. There is no telling the direction of the story I’ll tell – but one thing you can count on…woven into the fabric of these thoughts preserved in print…you will find the thread of my faith in Jesus. He is my Preserver, Defender and Rock. And its pretty cool that I get to be part of HIS story!

So check back often or subscribe to receive an email notification whenever I post a fresh thought. If you think a post will help someone you care about, please feel free to share the link!

The title, Treasured Inside, was inspired by a little verse in the Bible about Mary, the mother of the Messiah, taking all the things in over her lifetime and treasuring them in her heart. My very first blogpost here will tell you more. What do you treasure in your heart? You’ll soon find out what treasures are stored in mine! Thanks for joining me…welcome!

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  1. Would love to get notifications when you post in your blog. I look forward to your devotion every morning as I’m driving into work!! Thank you for your dedication to sharing with others and your love for Our Heavenly Father!

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