Free To Move About The Castle

I am fascinated by royalty. What they wear. How they act. How they seem to not only have it all, but, have it all together. They often seem so graceful and polished. So not like my every day life! When Diana married Prince Charles and became Princess Di I watched every moment of the televised wedding and dreamed of someday becoming a princess.

When Charles & Diana’s son, Prince William, married Kate I watched every moment, this time thinking, I believe Diana would be very proud of his choice. Elegant, graceful & kind, Kate seems to be exactly the right choice to fill those beautiful high heels of Queen someday.

Today I read Prince Harry’s relationship with his girlfriend, Meghan, is serious enough that normal castle visitation protocol has been waived for her since she spends so much time there now. No security checks. No waiting outside the gates until she’s been cleared to enter through the front of the castle. The guards just wave her in and she can go where she wants. No longer considered a guest she is considered family. And she is welcome to move about the castle freely.

When I was young my dad called me his princess. Still today he affectionately calls me ‘Princess’ and I smile every time. It warms my heart. It reminds me that I am a treasure to him and that I have access to his heart and home. And I am welcome.

Not all of us have had that kind of relationship with our father. But our Heavenly Father, the King, welcomes us to be His daughters and sons. He sacrificed His own beloved, perfect Son, who knew no sin to become sin for us, so that, in Him, we could become the righteousness of God.*   So when we ask Jesus to be Lord of our heart He opens the door and gives us complete access to Him. We’re waived through security. We can sit outside the gate and wait. Or we can sing and dance before Him in the throne room. We can make hot cocoa and sit by the fire or stay up late at the kitchen table and chat about our day and make plans for the next.  In the heart of the Kings’ Castle we can enter, because, through Jesus, we are family. Because we are treasured by the King ~ we belong ~ and we are free to move about the castle.

*2 Corinthians 5:21

One thought on “Free To Move About The Castle

  1. I LOVE how you make our relationship with the King feel so intimate if we spend so much time at the castle with the description ‘freedom to move about the castle’. That is exactly what Jesus provided for us on the cross……..FREEDOM!!!!

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