Almost every day I drive through this same intersection. But on this one particular day, while I was waiting for the light to change, I glanced at a thrift shop on the corner. Nothing unusual. I’ve passed by it hundreds of times. Every day someone carries out used furniture, gadgets, wheel covers and a variety of things hoping to catch my attention and entice me to stop and look. What caught my eye as I waited for the light to change was a piece of white picket fence propped up at the corner of the lot, an old weathered flower garland woven thru the wooden slats, with an equally weather-beaten sign that read “Thrift Store – Open Daily – Treasures Inside”. From the outside a hodge podge of what some might consider junk. Things the original owner no longer considered of value. But my curiosity was peaked! What was inside? Could it be something I’d always hoped I’d find? Treasure?

Treasure can be a thing. A quantity of precious metals, gems, or other valuables according to Webster. But its also an action. To keep carefully. To cherish or hold dear. To value greatly.  The remainder of my drive that day I thought about how so often we can look at someone and make a snap judgement on their worth by what we initially see. How they dress. How they behave. How they speak. The true treasure of a person is what’s inside. When we take time to open the door. Step inside. Look for the value in their heart. THAT’S the true treasure. And chances are good that when we take the time to discover the treasure inside someone, they will discover the treasure inside of us.

Luke 2:19…’Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.’









14 thoughts on “Treasure

  1. Love this! To many times we fail to look for the treasures inside of others and miss something really special. Thank you for the reminder.

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  2. I love it. So true and we should spend more time “seeing” the treasure in others as opposed to casting judgement and not really knowing what is on the inside.

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  3. So very true! Your friendship is a treasure to us for sure. I can’t wait to read more. I thank God every day for
    Bringing our families into each other’s paths

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