The View From The Passenger Seat

My husband, Ken, is a professional driver. He is such a good driver that I hardly ever play backseat driver from the passenger seat. But there have been times, when I drive, that Ken has called out about a road hazard or something that he thinks I might not have noticed. Of course, we both want to arrive safely at our destination but let’s face it…the view from the passenger seat can be very different than that of the driver’s side.

Riding in the passenger’s seat is a challenge. You give up control to the one behind the wheel. The more you trust your driver…the more enjoyable your ride will usually be. The less you trust the one steering you along…the more you will grip the seat anxiously…maybe even call out to… look out! Watch that turn! Slow down! or maybe even…do you think we could we get through this section a little faster??!!

How much do we trust God to steer us through life? When we are busy telling Him what we see from our passenger vantage point…we can’t hear Him say “I’m right here with you. I see those obstacles and I know there is a storm raging. If you will trust Me…I will deliver you through this…and it will be good. Because I am always at work for your good.”

Romans 8:28 says, “We know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him.” We can trust His driving!

2 thoughts on “The View From The Passenger Seat

    • Cathie – I know how hard it is to take the passenger seat but I also know what a relief it is to know that we can trust the One who is driving when we allow God to take the wheel! May you experience true peace in this part of your journey.


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