Loaves And Fishes

You’ve got to hand it to the mama who packed her little boy’s lunch with bread and fish. I mean think about that day when thousands of men, plus women and children, came to hear Jesus speak. While Jesus was asking the disciples to go find food to feed everyone, they were probably thinking, “why don’t we just send them home? why is this our responsibility?” and the more they searched the crowd the more they must have thought, “this is impossible! no one brought anything to eat!”

Imagine searching and searching only to find one little boy who had five pieces of bread and two fish. They brought that little lunch to Jesus and He did what only He could do. Luke 9 tells us that Jesus prayed over it and told His disciples to start handing it out. Somewhere between Jesus’ prayer over that little lunch and the very outskirts of the crowd that likely numbered more than 10,000 by the time you add in the women and the kiddos…every one was fed!

Think about the next service at your church. What if you carried in a basket with five little loaves of bread and two Mrs. Pauls Filet of Fish in it? You ask the blessing over it…and hand it to the person in the front and tell them to pass it around until everyone has their fill. Are you getting a visual? Would your faith be enough to believe that there would be something for everyone in the crowd in that basket?!

Maybe the better question to ask is this: what are your loaves and fishes? What do you have to offer the King? You might not think it is very much. You could be imagining that it’s not even worth anything to bring it to Him. It’s not our job to figure out what is or isn’t worthy to bring before God. What God asks of us is this – what do you have? Will you bring it to Me? Our job is to bring it. What God does with it will be miraculous…and truly what only God can do!

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