Memory Foam

Two years ago, my husband, Ken and I decided it was time to invest in a new mattress. Actually it was well past time to replace our old mattress but the choices online to select a new mattress were overwhelming and the idea of going to a store and laying down on different mattresses to test them out made me uncomfortable. So we just kept putting it off.

Finally, we had to make a quick trip out of town and ended up staying in a hotel with a really comfortable bed. I felt like I’d slept on a cloud all night! So before we checked out I pulled the bedding off to read the labels on the mattress. I won’t mention the brand name…but memory foam…was the secret!

So the research began to find that mattress and get one delivered to my home sweet home. When I was placing the order I saw that I had the option of one layer of memory foam…or TWO layers of memory foam. Well….if one was that good…two must be even better! So I went for it! When the delivery date arrived we were so excited. And it was beautiful when the guys were carrying it in. They took off the covering and placed it on our bed frame and carried away the old mattress. And as Ken was saying….’you better come look at this’…I rounded the corner to see…that mattress top came up to my armpit!

Let’s just say I have a stepladder by my bedside now. And we laugh often about our TWO layers of memory foam! Especially when we slide down out of bed in the morning! The wisdom in this story could be a better more thorough research, or busting out of my comfort zone to go lay down in the middle of a public place to test drive a mattress or two…but for us the wisdom in this story is that of Proverbs 17:22. “A merry heart is like good medicine.”

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