One Year Today

It’s been one year since you’ve been gone from our presence. One year ago this morning I watched you slip peacefully from this world into the next. An entire year of firsts without your boisterous interjections in conversation, ornery chuckles, squirrel memes and late night phone calls that always started with, ‘hey ‘nise…’.

I spoke this morning at a church about the story of David honoring his best friend Jonathan’s son, Mephibosheth, and that he often ate at the king’s table (2 Samuel 9). I couldn’t help but think about you having a seat at the King’s table…every day. Are you sitting with mom mom and pop pop? Do you sing your grace? Are all your favorite foods there? Does it even matter what is on the menu when you have the King of kings at the head of the table?!!

It wasn’t lost on me that the worship team at the church I visited this morning sang a song called Psalm 23…which is what I read to you those last few days that you were between here and there. This time it wasn’t for you. I believe it was God reminding me on this day…that He knows. And He wanted me to know that He’s keeping company with you there…and keeping company with me here.

I miss you but I am at peace knowing that you are where I’m going some day. I’m 365 days closer to seeing you again. Does it feel that long to you? I’m guessing probably not. And I’m glad for that. So until I see you again I’m going to keep on running the race and giving thanks to God that you are in my great cloud of witnesses that’s described in Hebrews 11.

I love you, little brother. Until then…

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