Lessons From A Toddler

There is nothing quite like trying to dress a toddler. Their energy knows no bounds. Their little minds are constantly thinking – what’s next? where can I go? ooo what’s up there? hey, what’s this? and what does it do? The creativity and interest level of a toddler is pretty incredible. With very little thought for danger a toddler is driven largely by curiosity and experience.

Saying the word ‘wait’ to a toddler…well, if you’ve had one or taken care of one, you know it doesn’t really mean much to them. It’s in those earliest discovery moments that we begin to teach children about safety and obedience and the consequences of our actions.

Even as adults we struggle with the concept of waiting. Psalm 27:14 teaches us an important component to waiting. It tells us what to DO while we wait. It says, “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” While we are waiting we are to be strong, encouraged, to have hope, to be bold and confident…to not give up! There is a LOT of doing in that one little verse of instruction.

I think if we could bottle up any of that toddler energy and curiosity we could serve it up best right here…in the waiting…in the watching expectantly for the goodness of God and just how He will reveal His greatness in our lives next! Now THAT is curiosity and wonder put to good use…while we are waiting!

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