A Catalyst For Growth

There’s a funny thing about growth. We don’t often recognize it while it’s happening. Growth happens at such a slow pace that many times we just don’t notice it. We may notice the effects of growth sooner. Maybe our kiddos pants are getting shorter. Perhaps our pants are getting tighter. Our grocery budget doesn’t bring home as much as it used to.

Some growth is what we long for in life. We want to grow closer to our spouse and other family members. Deepening our friendships with others is a reflection of growth in our lives. Growing in the knowledge of what we do for a living or the hobby we’ve taken up is admirable and helps us feel more accomplished. And all of those take time.

There is always a catalyst for growth. Something happened that stimulated change. The greatest change agent I know is the Holy Spirit. Something happens when we meet Him that alters our life forever. And the more we get to know Him, spending time with Him, the more we grow.

1 Corinthians 3:16 (ESV) says, “Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple? God’s Spirit lives in you.” …I really want to repeat that. GOD’S SPIRIT LIVES IN YOU….and in me! Look for the change! We cannot help but be changed by the Spirit of Almighty God living inside of us. The more we are aware of and give honor to His Spirit taking up residence inside – the more growth we will see. And so will those around us!

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