Brace Yourself!

I was sitting across from a financial advisor whose office was inside an old train station. When he said, “brace yourself!” I wasn’t sure what he meant. Within seconds a train came barreling past the building making it impossible to continue our conversation. The furniture nearly buzzed from the vibration of the thunderous machine moving on the rails just feet away from where we were sitting.

As the train was about to pass the crossing, it blew its horn several times, alerting drivers in vehicles that it was coming through. Once the train had cleared the area, vehicles proceeded across the tracks. And inside the office we continued our discussion. It was as if potential danger had never been present.

How often is it that very real danger passes right alongside of us? Sometimes we may be aware of its pending arrival…and often we have no idea what is headed our way. All the more reason that we must stay in touch with God. The Holy Spirit can alert us to danger and even divert our travel when necessary to fulfill His plan.

Psalm 121:8 (MSG) tells us, “God guards you from every evil. He guards your very life. He guards you when you leave and when you return, He guards you now. He guards you always.” What an assuring promise He gives us to rest in today. He guards us always!

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