The Deepest Love

There is no one like our God. He made the world and all its individual nations and waterways. Every animal, bird, fish and flower are each their own design. And look how creative to make a giraffe so tall with such a long neck. A zebra that has the shape of a horse and yet is completely striped from head to hoof.

God took great pleasure in creating Adam and Eve. When He looked on all He had created He said “they are very good.” I love to imagine what it must have been like for Adam to name each of the animals…and…wait for God to come and visit in the garden during the cool of the evening. Can you just imagine?

In all the pleasure God took in His creation, He also knew that we would botch things up. Still He made us … and our way to redemption. Revelation 13:8 speaks of ‘the Lamb who was slain before the foundation of the world‘. From the very beginning…He knew.

God loves us just the way we are. And yet…He loves us too much to let us stay that way. God comforts us in our struggles and in our pain. At the same time, He also compels us, not to sit in our difficulties, but to grow and mature in our walk with Him. That’s the deepest love of all!

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