That Detour

I am positive that as soon you hear the word “detour” you are remembering a time when you were on your way somewhere and you met up with that dreaded sign sending you in a different direction than you intended to go. It usually takes us out of the way and sometimes to unfamiliar areas. And didn’t we plan our travel to arrive at our destination at just the right time?! So….NOW we’re going to be late!!!

That detour is almost always there to keep us safe. It’s there to help us to avoid danger. But it is SO unexpected. And it throws us off our schedule! Have you ever taken the detour and discovered something beautiful along the way? That’s happened to me before. Once I got passed the whining and complaining and stressing over being late – I began enjoying the new scenery that I’d never seen before.

And so it is in life. We have our plans set for our education, our career, our relationships. We move in the direction that we believe we are supposed to go. We set our plans in motion. And, along the way, we hit a roadblock. Or we are detoured in another direction. We can get upset and sometimes we have reason to be. Some detours are painful or even tragic. We find ourselves on a different path and it’s unfamiliar and we may even feel unprepared for it. But nothing is ever a surprise to God. He has a plan for us and His ways are higher than ours. In fact, sometimes His ways will detour us into greater, more fulfilling blessings in our lives.

Proverbs 16:9 says, “we can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” I believe that it’s good to have a plan. But I’ve learned that I respond better to detours in my life when I hold my day planner loosely. When God is orchestrating the detours we can be sure it is for our destiny.

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