Parking in A7

Whenever I fly out of the airport I always park my car in Long Term Parking Lot A. A is for Abby. Once my beautiful daughter, Abby, was born I made it a habit to always use that lot because I knew I would never forget which lot I parked in! Because A is for Abby.

The last time I found a great parking spot right next to the covered bench marked A7. As I was standing at bus stop A7 I was thinking about how I would remember A7 and I thought about what the number seven means to God. He rested on the seventh day. And hey…my word for this year is REST! How sweet to have that moment of remembering the journey that I’ve been on this year to discover all that God wants me to learn about rest. And He brought me to a front row parking spot at A7.

When the shuttle bus arrived to take me to the airport terminal, as soon as I boarded, the driver said, “A7. Remember you are parked at A7!” In all my years of traveling I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a driver quite like this one. He clearly loved his job, loved people, and wanted to help everyone start and end their trip remembering where they parked their vehicle. I love that!

Imagine if everyone we meet today went out of their way to help us. What a day we would have! Now we know that we will most likely encounter people who are having a bad day. People who are struggling themselves and just don’t have the energy to help someone else. But what if WE made it a point to help others today in whatever way we can? If we want to affect change in the world around us, it has to begin with US!

Colossians 3:23 (GNT) says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people.” THAT is the key!

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