Shadow and Light

I see my shadow every morning when I am walking into work. The other morning when I saw it I thought of Psalm 23 and verse 4 that mentions ‘the valley of the shadow of death’. No one wants to go through that place; and yet, we all will, at some point or another, maybe more than once, find ourselves walking through that place. The verse says “even when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will not fear for You are with me.”

As I was walking up the sidewalk that particular morning these words began running through my mind…”You can’t see the shadow without the presence of light.” Whatever dark place you’ve been through in your life…maybe you are in one right now…you know it seems almost impossible to see even a smidgeon of light. But it’s there….the tiniest bit of light that reveals the shadow.

The shadow isn’t real. The enemy may try to use it to frighten us; but, the shadow is there to remind us…that God is there with us. He IS the Light of the world. His light in us and around us means that even death – is just a shadow – because as a believer we pass from this life into eternity with God. And He never leaves us for even a second of it!

By the way, have you ever noticed what happens to your shadow the farther away from the light that you walk? The farther we get from the light…the longer – or bigger – the shadow grows. Just another life lesson to stay as close to the Light as we can!

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