He Keeps Us

We sometimes sing this song in church. It’s called ‘Awesome (My God Is)’. The chorus is, “my God is awesome. He can move the mountains. Keep me in the valley, hide me from the rain.” As many times as we’ve sung that song…one day the lyric – keep me in the valley – struck me. Why would God keep me in the valley???

It would be easy to misunderstand the intent of that some days when we feel like we will never come out of the darkness, the pain, the depression or sorrow. Why would God keep me in the valley? But, don’t miss the real meaning of that verse, dear friend. Yes God can move the seemingly insurmountable mountains. He can shelter us when it feels like there is only rain in our lives. But He is NOT keeping us like prisoners in the valley. Psalm 145:20 tells us that “The Lord keeps all who love Him.”

It is certain that we will encounter valleys in our lifetime. The promise from God is that He is protecting us or keeping us while we are walking through them. Yes, our God is awesome! He can move the mountains. He protects us in the valleys. And He covers us in the rain. Did I mention how awesome our God truly is?!!

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