Holding Patterns

My friend and I were flying to Cincinnati to be in a mutual friends’ wedding and to celebrate the new chapter in her life. At that point in my life I had only flown a handful of times but even as inexperienced as I was I could tell, after a while, that we were flying in a big loop. After a while the captain made an announcement that due to a very bad storm we were in a holding pattern, maintaining our position, above the storm clouds over the city that had lost a large portion of its electric during this storm.

Before the captain of the plane spoke, all we knew was that we were scheduled to land in Cincinnati at a certain time. It was well past that time and we didn’t seem to be making any kind of descent to our destination. We were frustrated. Concerned that those who were waiting on us would be waiting much longer than expected to pick us up. Even some FOMO. You know…fear of missing out of the festivities that were probably starting without us!

That holding pattern was such an inconvenience! But, really, that holding pattern saved our lives! Keeping us above the storm was not at all what we wanted, but, it was definitely what we needed. And how often do we find ourselves frustrated with our circumstances, feeling as though we are in a holding pattern, as though nothing seems to change? Maybe that holding pattern is keeping us above the clouds of disaster, some storm that is brewing just beyond our foresight and God is keeping us safe from it. Maybe its building character in us as we wait…or its the timing of someone else’s story that coincides with ours. Regardless of the reason, Romans 8:28 (CEV) reminds us that, “We know that God is always at work for the good of everyone who loves Him. They are the ones God has chosen for His purpose.”

Whatever the holding pattern is that seems to be keeping you from what you’ve been praying for…God’s timing is always right on time. And someday if God allows us to look back on our lives and fully see the intricacies of the details that God has orchestrated in our lives…we will have even more reason to give Him glory!

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