Giving Up Your Seat

When my brothers and I were growing up, my parents taught us that it was honorable to give up our seat to an adult, someone older than us, and for my brothers to always offer their seat to a lady. They taught us that we should always hold the door for the person coming up behind us…even if we have to wait a minute for them to get to the door. And that a gentleman always picks up something that is dropped by a lady. I love that they instilled those kinds of good behaviors in us.

Sunday after church when we were meeting my parents for lunch at a local eatery we arrived first. There were a number of people waiting to be seated in the front area with only a few seats. I had the thought that if I could find a seat I’d sit there until my parents arrived so they would have a seat while we waited. As I looked over at these two couples that looked to be the age I am (in my head)…they got up to give my husband and I a place to sit.

As I’m sitting there, thinking about saving this seat for mom and dad, it occurs to me that they had no idea that I’m reserving a space for my parents to sit. They were giving up their seats for us…their elders! It is the cycle of life, I suppose. The upside of that moment, looking back, was seeing that parents are still teaching kids to have good manners and – in their 30’s…and 40’s… they’re still living them out! And if that was you and you’re reading this – thank you again!

Kindness, especially unexpected kindness, is classy and beautiful and memorable. And it’s part of what God says reveals His love. Because love IS kind.* And it is blind to our age. Kindness can be exchanged no matter how young or old…and when it happens…we see a little glimpse of our Father. I believe that when it happens, if we listen closely, we might hear the Father whisper….more. More of that!

*1 Corinthians 13: 4 – 8

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