Guilt-Free Timekeeping

I just saw a brilliant billboard. The gigantic sign on the highway was completely white with a picture of a single Timex watch in the center…and one sentence. “Know the time without seeing you have 1,249 unanswered emails.” It’s come to that, hasn’t it?! I haven’t worn a watch on my arm for a number of years. I always have my cell phone in my hand or within reach and use it, like…clockwork, to keep track of the time. The problem is – it’s always reminding me of all the other things that I need to do.

Maybe going ‘old school’ and wearing a watch again could help me manage my time better?!! Maybe there IS a downside to having everything in one place! Like when was the last time you used your Bible app in church, to look at the scripture your Pastor was preaching on, only to be distracted by pop up notifications of texts, direct messages or news headlines?!! I noticed this Sunday when I used my actual study Bible in church rather than my Bible app. Less distraction. More note taking!

There is something to be said about keeping the main thing – the main thing. If we want to be more efficient, keeping distractions to a minimum, we may have to make a change or two in the applications we use and when we use them. Trust me. I enjoy the convenience of having things all in one place. In Ecclesiastes 3:1, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” For me, it is an exercise in discipline. And if I really want to be able to go for awhile without the guilt of having 1,249 unanswered emails….I’ll wear a watch!

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