My Favorite Place

The first time I had the privilege of being in a worship service with singer/songwriter Kari Jobe I was so excited. Anticipating the sound of her beautiful voice and lyrics that my heart had deeply connected with over the years I was trying to wait patiently for her to come out on the stage.

The band started to play as she made her way across the platform and just as she began to sing there was a power failure. Emergency lighting came up. Everyone froze waiting to see what would happen next. And what happened next was something I will never forget. There was no panic. No one running around on stage trying to figure things out. A quiet stillness settled over the room and Kari began to pray.

Her prayer began with thankfulness for who God is and all that He has done. A sweetness hung in the air as she prayed. And then she prayed something I will never forget. She said, “God, Your presence is my favorite place.” That prayer touched my heart profoundly.

Soon after, the power came back on. The musical worship began and it was a beautiful time. I can’t remember a single song that was sung, but I’ve never forgotten that powerful prayer. What I left with that night was a different perspective of God’s presence.

I could pick any number of places that I would say were favorites to me. But none so precious as the privilege of being in the presence of the King. And our welcome invitation to lay our praise at His feet and tell Him…God, Your presence is my favorite place!!

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