Did You Look Underneath…?

Have you ever been part of a conversation that goes something like this? ‘Honey, don’t we have any more butter?’ Now the word ‘butter’ could be anything that notoriously goes missing. Shoes. Keys. Remote control. Jacket. The response usually includes a general location of where the missing item should be. When the person who is searching says “I didn’t see it anywhere”….you know what is coming next….especially if you’re a mom! ‘Did you look underneath, around, behind…?’ Searching for something lost sometimes requires more than our eyes! We may have to do some actual LIFTING!

It’s often the same with spiritual things. Have you lost faith? Maybe hope feels like it has been hiding lately. Perhaps your JOY has been buried underneath so much heartache it seems impossible to find. Sometimes our greatest faith is right underneath that biggest doubt. We haven’t really lost it. We just need to LOOK and do some LIFTING. Maybe you are so worn out you don’t have the energy to lift. Here’s some good news. You never have to do it by yourself. Jesus is the light to help us find it…and can do the heavy lifting! All we have to do to get started is ask!

Matthew 7:7 tells us, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

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