God Is Good

God is good!…all the time! And all the time…God is good! Chances are very good that you’ve been around a group of people who have shouted out those phrases. And indeed, God IS good. Every minute of every day. On the green grass…and on the greener grass on the other side! In the hard times and in the times of great joy. God is good.

Consider all the life that happens around you from the time the sun rises until it sets and your day comes to a close. God knew every single breath, and thought, and laugh, and tear that concerned you. Then multiply that by how many billions of people are on this earth…and that gives us just a little idea of how big God is! And yet He is as tender as a whisper over your soul and loves every part of what makes you, you!

That alone is reason to praise God. Psalm 113: 3 reads, “From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.” Beginning to end. Start to finish. From your first moment of consciousness until you drift off tonight at bedtime. Let’s make today full of praise for the Lord…who is worthy to be praised.

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