Airplane Mode

If you’ve ever boarded an airplane you know that part of the pre-flight instruction to all passengers is that you must put your cell phone in airplane mode. That setting on your phone disables all of the bluetooth, wi-fi, cellular and data connections on your mobile device. The reason is so that nothing onboard interferes with the airplanes sensors and equipment.

Usually the first thing every passenger does once we’ve landed is turn off airplane mode. Ever notice the buzzing and dinging that can be heard all over the plane as messages, missed calls, calendar notes and other notifications all come through. So much information, some important and some distractions compelling us to pay attention.

What if we purposed to spend some time every day in airplane mode? It’s not just the phone; but TV, social media, email, even conversations at times….The constant humming and buzzing of information that our brain is constantly trying to take in and file…somewhere…is enormous! It can definitely hinder us from hearing that still, small voice that calls us to a deeper conversation with our Maker.

Psalm 62:5 (ISV) says, “My soul, be quiet before God, for from Him comes my hope.” Are you struggling for hopelessness? feeling overwhelmed? Do you need peace today? Switching to airplane mode to have conversation with God is a good place to begin.

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