Changing Seasons

There’s something so beautiful about seeing the current season fold into the next. The arrival of daffodils means gardening, backyard barbecues and days at the lake or the beach aren’t far behind. School shopping, pumpkin spice lattes and scarecrows signal that fall is crowding out the summer. Then, falling leaves, bonfires with s’mores, and crisp, cool early mornings are a sure sign that winter is approaching.

If you live in an area with only subtle changes between the seasons, these might be the only tells that we are leaving one season behind for another. But, since I live where the changing seasons are very noticeable in the weather conditions alone, I can say I live with the anticipation of change when I see these things. Even though we may have a favorite season, there is something to appreciate about each one.

So much of our life chapters are told by the seasons of change. And there are lessons to learn mixed into each one as we learn to handle every page, every day, as a gift from God. Often we think of the winter months with loneliness and sorrow. We would likely skip winter if we could. But just as spring always follows winter…there IS life after a winter season. Think of those daffodil bulbs buried, waiting, gaining energy to burst through the surface and remind us that hope is still here. Spring is soon to come. In our winter, there is still something happening inside of us, building energy, seeing the darkness but leaning, pressing, moving toward the light.

In Ecclesiastes 3:1 we are reminded that “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Today is a gift. Perhaps that’s why it is called the present. Regardless of the season you are in, take time today to see something good around you. Maybe the good is actually happening within you!

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