I See You

When I was a kid I loved watching a TV show for kids called “Romper Room”. The host would hold up a magic mirror so she could see the kids watching at home. She would call out “I see Johnny, and Betsy, Danny and Matthew, Bobby, Brenda, Donna….”. Each time I watched, I waited and hoped that she would call my name. That she would “see” me. But, she never did. It didn’t stop me from hoping, waiting, listening.

We all long to be seen. Oh, we may do our best to blend into the crowd or slide into the back pew at church. But there is something in each of us that wants to be acknowledged…to be known. Luke 19 tells a story about a man named Zacchaeus. He was, shall we say, vertically challenged, and a chief tax collector at that. So no one was going to help him get to the front of the line to see Jesus. Zacchaeus ran ahead, climbed a tree, and waited. Not only did he see Jesus…but Jesus looked up and saw HIM…and called him by name!

There is so much I love about this story. Like the fact that Jesus didn’t care what Zacchaeus did, nor did he care what others thought about him. Jesus said salvation was coming to his house that day! Can you imagine how Zacchaeus must have felt?! One of my favorite things about this story though…is that on THAT day, Jesus SAW him! And his life was changed forever!

Today we don’t have to climb a tree…or wait for someone to notice us in a crowd. God sees you. He knows the challenges we are facing and the insecurities we feel. He is calling you by name. And if you will respond to His call, your life will never be the same!

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