Which side of the boat are you on?

Marshawn Evans Daniels said, “God is calling you out of the familiar and into the spectacular. I am praying that heaven continues to lead you, grow you, and equip you with courage as you learn to live outside the boat.”

Wait. OUTSIDE the boat??!! I saw that phrase and thought immediately about Peter and how fast his courage evaporated when he stepped out of the boat. I’m not sure how long his ‘walk on the water’ lasted but I’ve never thought about it being long-term before. And she said her prayer and encouragement for us is to learn to LIVE outside the boat?!

And yet…it resonates with me that the ONLY way to truly experience the SPECTACULAR with God…is to have the faith and courage to LIVE outside the boat. I am captivated by the imagination of what is waiting for us if we are willing to leave the familiar and follow His lead.

We can stay in the boat, or we can hear God calling us to step out, and experience all that He has for us outside of the boat. If you’re waiting in the boat for God to lay out His plan for you before you take that leap it might be good to go back and read Matthew 14. Jesus only said one word to Peter. “Come.” But it was an invitation to experience a life fully trusting in God, regardless of what is happening around us.

Ready for the spectacular life God has planned for you? Jesus said, “Come.”

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