You Are Priceless

Have you ever heard someone say ‘God knows the number of hairs on your head.’? If you’re fairly new in your relationship with the Lord you might not have heard that yet. But I can remember when I was growing up I always thought that was an odd thing to say. Like who really cares how many hairs are on my head? Well as I’ve gotten older I realize that the number of hairs on our head can change rather rapidly on any given day. It’s just one of many things we might find concerning to us from day to day.

Luke 12:6-7 reads, “Five sparrows are sold for just two pennies, but God doesn’t forget even one of them. Even the hairs on your head are counted. So don’t be afraid! You are worth much more than many sparrows.” In the time that the Gospel of Luke was written when someone purchased five sparrows that fifth little bird was free because one sparrow had no value. But even that sparrow that we might say had no value – was valuable to God. He watches over and cares for every little thing. And that includes everything about you and I as well.

If God cares about the little things, imagine how He responds to the big things. We can be sure that God is keeping track of all of it. For even the hairs on our head are counted. So don’t be afraid! That’s what He said. Do. not. fear! For you are worth much more than many sparrows.

What does God say about you? You are priceless.

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