You Are Beautiful

Little white lights strung over a patio in the backyard. A sunrise over the ocean. An orchestra playing your favorite song. Watching the sun set regardless of how good or how hard the day has been…for the moments that we can watch that miracle of extraordinary closure of the experiences and emotions of another number on the calendar…for that brief space we forget about the day and are held captive by the beauty of the moment.

It is rare that we describe someone as beautiful. Babies are beautiful. Brides are beautiful. A married couple renewing their vows after being together for decades…that is beautiful. All of these are moments in time. We often tend to judge beauty by those rare exceptional moments; but rarely do we acknowledge and take time to appreciate the beauty in the ordinary, every day lives around us.

WE…are His most valuable art. So precious are we to Him that He chose to send His only Son, Jesus, to die in our place so that we can live forever with Him. His Spirit, inside of us, makes us uniquely beautiful. Not beauty that is skin deep…but beauty that radiates from way down deep in our soul. Ecclesiastes 3:11 tells us that “He (God) has made everything beautiful in its time.”

What does God say about you? You are beautiful.

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