Silence and Quietness Are Not The Same

My word for this year has been ‘Quiet’. What a beautiful year of discovery I’ve had this year with a word that I tried to ‘give back’ and exchange for a different one because…well, me….quiet??!!  What was He thinking?!

One day, I found myself considering the differences between silence and quietness.

Silence feels cold, disconnected, self-reflective (which isn’t all bad), empty, deafening, anxious and, at times, hope-less.

Quietness feels warm, like I’m leaning in, expectant, waiting, anticipating something ‘more’, like a home for peace or where peace dwells, hope-full.

While silence and quietness may sound the same to the untrained ear, the soul recognizes the difference within the environment our spirit finds itself. In silence, it chooses to give in to anxiety and worry that chokes out hope.

Isaiah 30:15, “This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.”

When we choose to wait in quietness we find ourselves actually leaning in to hear our Father’s voice. Our soul can hear and respond to Deep calling deep. It’s in that environment of quietness that peace and hope are fostered. We can find rest for our soul, even when things are chaotic and especially when life is hard. Our soul longs for quietness where we wait, expectant and anticipating His voice….and we find strength.

In the quietness, it’s where we can finally breathe. And it’s where we find a little taste of home.

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