Broken Crayons

At the beginning of every school year my mom bought me a fresh box of crayons. You may have gotten a box too. Remember? The wrappers were brand new. Perfectly fresh points to help color inside the lines. Eventually, the points wear down. The wrappers peel away. And that would make it easy to spot our favorite colors, right? They were the crayons that were most worn in the box.

We are kind of like those crayons. The more life we live, the more worn we can become. The labels we wear may get a little torn. Or we may even find ourselves feeling exposed like we are left with no covering at all.

I saw a facebook post recently that read ‘broken crayons still color’. And, oh yes, they absolutely do! If you are feeling broken today, worn out, exposed, God is making all things new! And your beautiful color still has great value. So don’t give up! Keep coloring. You are part of a gorgeous tapestry that God has designed.

Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold I will do a new thing.                                 ~ Isaiah 43:18-19

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