Desire Over Duty

A news article quoted Prince Harry this week as saying “no one in the royal family wants to be king or queen.” He continued to say that “it is duty, rather than desire, that prompts them (us) to continue on for the good of the people. People would be amazed at the ordinary life William (his brother) and I live.”  I have a feeling their idea of ‘ordinary’ and ours is quite different! But I would imagine that our idea of living as ‘royalty’ is quite different from their reality as well. I suppose no matter what side of the castle wall we’re born on its true that we all dream of what it could be like on the other side.  

Imagine not ever being able to just run into the local mini-market and grab a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk without being photographed or hollered at for a statement. Not being able to go to the beach, the fair, a ballgame, the movies, and yes, even to church, without an entourage of security and personal assistants who constantly have to buffer you from crowds of staring, sometimes rude, often obsessive people that never. stop. watching you. Waiting. For the perfect image ‘money’ shot, or worse, the misstep heard around the world by viral social media posts.

There is One who was born of royalty who never claimed it was duty over desire to serve the people. He was raised by a carpenter and a very young mama, who never once regretted their service to the Throne. Jesus, whose real Father, is God of the Universe, was born, not in a castle, but a manger. He was surrounded by animals, not photographers and gawkers. His 33 years on this earth, to some, may have looked ordinary, by royal standards; but His time here was anything but ordinary.

Crowds of huge proportions followed Jesus everywhere but He never tired of them. He never wanted anonymity or seclusion other than a few rare times when he withdrew to rest or spend time in prayer with His Father. And I think those examples were more for our benefit than because He really needed them. We needed to see that its important to rest and refocus in the midst of all that’s happening around us.

King Jesus, Ruler of the Universe, wants to be ruler in your heart and over your world. He never tires of your attention. You and I are what He thinks about more often than anything. In fact, He said His thoughts of us number more than the grains of sand! And while this life you and I live may be fairly ordinary by this worlds’ standards, we have been invited to live forever in His Kingdom. Granted unlimited access to come, not even timidly, but boldly, before His Throne. And for this time, in this life, He wants His throne to reside in your heart and in mine. That’s personal…and intimate…and without a doubt, desire over duty.

“Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.  Those who are victorious will sit with me on my throne, just as I was victorious and sat with my Father on his throne.”  Revelation 3:20, 21



4 thoughts on “Desire Over Duty

  1. What a great message Denise! Above all, to desire Jesus – and to know how deeply He desires us – now that’s a feeling of royalty that nothing & no one can compare…
    Thank you for sharing this…I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope there’s more to come! ❤

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